LIFE! started again! I was looking forward to it. There are a lot more children now and it can’t go unnoticed. The circle was really funny. There were a bunch of cakes on the table and right when the circle started someone asked when we were allowed to eat those. Yeah, so we all dove in of course. Thanks to everyone who baked something, it was delicious! Well after munching up all the cake, the attention of the younger students was nowhere to be found. (Who knows maybe they only wanted the cake in the first place.) The circle quickly got rowdy and things sort of went downhill from there. We did decide that to use the pool table you need a certificate though. Can you play? Then you get a certificate. Do you want to learn? If you smile nicely at someone owning a certificate, they probably won’t mind teaching you. All in all, it was a good day, although there wasn’t much to do for the older students… Today that was different, for me at least. There were more teachers at school and we had a lot to discuss. Didn’t feel like talking to teachers? You could always watch the numerous games of billiards. The pool table was put to good use. The older students also spent their day looking for a big trampoline with a net and steps. Thursday, I believe, they’re going to check out if the one they found is in good condition and if it’s possible to get a discount. If it’s not we’ll ask the parents if they’d be willing to make a donation for it. Furthermore, Eri Lieke and I are going to look up how we can make a GFT container with worms at LIFE! So we can compost natural waste. I closed off my day by having a peek at billiards and listening to music by Iris (singing and guitar), Eri Lieke (singing and bells) and some students (singing).

I wrote my last blog signing off as ‘trial student’, but since I’m now definitively going to LIFE! that doesn’t quite fit. So I decided to sign off using the name ‘K’ from now on.