Just like last year the Christmas celebration at LIFE! was a potluck dinner with an open stage. Parents and family are welcome, everyone brings something for a joint meal. Songs are being played and sung. The preschoolers have rehearsed a Christmas play, some parents and older students participate as well. When it’s time for the performance there’s restlessness. Joseph isn’t here! He turns out to have gone home, to change. One of the students is DJ at the afterparty. So you have to look your best of course.

Cordelia arranges a tour through the new part of the building that we’re going to involve after the holidays. That’ll give the preschoolers some time to improvise an adjustment, with a little help from some staff members. It turns out to be a beautiful play. Mary and Joseph with the donkey, a flawless childbirth, angels, shepherds with a trumpet, a sheep and three queens. Santa announces that the play is over.

Next there’s singing by the piano. ‘All I want for Christmas is you’. Being here and now with each other. I feel gratitude. I look over at Cordelia, tears rolling down her face. Mailin Fleur finds us. With our arms around each other we experience this moment. Summer 2014, the three of us were walking through the Twiske, fantasizing about our dream school. Could it be possible? It has to be possible! It is possible.

Now again, we’re standing here together in the midst of this beautiful group of people and children. We’re doing it! Learning by trial and error, together with all these people who feel things can be different. Collisions, dialogue and solutions. Encounters and goodbyes. Bumps in the road, ups and downs. All or nothing. Discouraged at times, but more often incredibly happy with all the wonderful experiences on our path. We’re learning a lot!  I am grateful, for the people surrounding us. For the beautiful moments we all share together. For the trust that there is, during the difficult moments. We’ll figure it out together. I wish everyone a happy holiday, beautiful encounters and for those who are going through a difficult time: follow the star of trust.