Friday we had a busy day at LIFE! full of visitors. First, 4 teachers from the International School of Amsterdam spent the morning with us. And expressed their gratitude for the inspiration it brought.

And then we got a call from some filmmakers interested in democratic education. They had time to visit…now!!…so they arrived an hour later.

They “fell with their nose in the butter” as we say in Dutch, as soon after their arrival we were organizing a parting circle for one of our 16-year-old students who decided to go to a chef school.
With everyone’s permission they filmed as students of all ages, between 4 and 18 years old, and staff, shared some words with him. Tears and smiles and laughs and cuddles were exchanged.

The student himself spoke his gratitude to LIFE! for giving him the time he needed “to mourn, to find himself and to figure out what he wants”. Touching words to warm our hearts?. This is why we are here. This is what it’s all about.