Thursday Marieke and a student were missing from LIFE! Where had they gone? We (a small group upstairs) knew of course. We were anxious for their return. Why was it taking so long? Well, waiting takes long… When they came in sight how could we do anything but enthusiastically run to the field at the back? Oh no, car’s locked. Disappointed we waited for someone with a key. Fortunately, it didn’t take long and we took everything from the car onto the field. We started with a steel circle. The parts had to be slid into one another, but that also made it easy for it to fall apart! This resulted in my two sore feet. We built the steel construction. Okay, it didn’t always go very efficient, but in the end, it was fairly easy. Then we had to attach the net. That became chaos! The springs had to be put in on opposite ends, but in the end, one side was attached and the other side was still loose. After detaching the attached strings, pushing and pulling (with painful hands), it was finally ready. The trampoline of at least 4 meters in size was ready for testing. It worked fantastically. After jumping for a long time we went inside so other people could enjoy our new asset.

The elections had started. After a long discussion, we had chosen the chairperson and the note taker. I think we’re all very curious to see how they’ll do next Monday.

This day ended with popcorn on the ground.

Friday was a busier day for me because the Dutch teacher was here. So I started doing Dutch assignments.

Later that day, wearing a raincoat, bun in my hair and paint roller in hand, I was all ready to start. Together with some other students, a staff member and a student’s mother we painted a wall in a very light shade of turquoise.

This day ended with a new and larger load of popcorn – I was now amongst the students who got thrown at by the way – and the building even smelled of popcorn.