Registration Procedure

The intakeprocedure at LIFE! consists of a few steps;

  • Visiting an Open Day (optional)
  • Open Hour
  • Intake
  • Trial period
  • Evaluation in the schoolkring
  • Starting conversation

Open Hour

Since April 2016 we have begun doing Open Hours again at the new location. During an Open Hour parents/guardians and their child(ren) visit LIFE! to get a first impression and ask questions. If this visit leads to the wish to continue at LIFE! an intake will follow.


When an intake has been planned the parents/guardians receive an intake form which they are asked to fill in and return or bring with them. During the intake the motivation of both parents/guardians and the student is discussed. The student’s school history will also be discussed. At the end of the intake, dates will be planned for the trial period.

Trial Period

A trial period at LIFE! last 4 weeks. During this trial period the soon to be student will be present at school 1 to 4 days a week. Our advice is to come at least 2 days a week in order to get a clear picture of the ins and outs at school. Children who are attending another school already, will remain registered at the current school during this trial period. When they’re not at LIFE! they’ll be going to their current school as usual.

For young children going to school for the first time we have a modified trial period because it takes some getting used to for the whole family. In this document you can read LIFE!’s vision about the trial period for 4/5 year olds. Parents/guardians are included in the shaping of the trial period for these young students.

Trial students pay €25 for every day they attend.

Evaluation in the Schoolkring

At the end of the trial period the student’s presence at LIFE! will be discussed in the school meeting. The soon to be student, fellow students and staff look back on the period and give feedback. We use the four NVC steps: observation, feeling, need and request to give feedback to the student or indicate matters of importance,
followed by the proposal to accept the student to LIFE! If everyone is consent with the new student joining LIFE! the student is welcomed.

Start Talk

After the school meeting has given its consent there is a start talk with at least one staff member, both parents/guardians and the student. We exchange our experiences and decide if all three parties can agree with the choice that LIFE! is the next step. If this is the case, agreements will be made about starting at LIFE!