Primary Education

At LIFE! you can play, try out and take lessons like math, language, join in on projects, jump on the trampoline, go on trips, build huts, explore Twiske, help on the farm, cook and so much more. At LIFE! you can decide what you want to learn, how you want to learn it and who you want to learn it with; you and your mentor will go through this together. At LIFE! There aren’t any classes, and your lessons will either be in small groups or alone, in one of the various rooms in the building or outside.


For the youngest students at LIFE! there’s a separate room in the school where they can play as much as they want. There are a variety of activities to undertake: colouring, dressing up, painting, playing with marbles, building a train track, reading books, playing in the little house or playing with Lego and Kapla. You can decide what you want to play with and whether or not you’re going to join in on group activities like music, reading out loud, gardening and art. The youngest students are free to explore the school and join activities that older students participate in as well.

All students at LIFE! follow their own rhythm and are stimulated in learning to listen to their bodies. They get to decide when they want to eat and drink, quietly read a book or go outside to jump on the trampoline.

Primary School

Students from the age of 7 have their space that they get to furnish the way they want to. They mainly learn through discovery and games; often tents are built with all sorts of materials and objects.

The school has various rooms with big tables where lessons and activities take place, where you can work on projects, assignments or have lunch together or alone. The school also has a silent room where you can work quietly.

Along with their mentor, the students discuss what they want to learn like; writing, reading, painting, cooking, playing guitar, and math. Activities and lessons will be added to their personal timetable. The students can also join lessons and activities that teachers have to offer like; Geography, Spanish, theatre, Japanese, typing courses, and music. Every semester the student, the mentor and the parents sit down to discuss what the student has done so far and what else still needs to be learned.

Transition to Secondary School

If the student wishes to continue their learning path at LIFE! and make a transition to secondary school within LIFE!, no further actions will be required. The transition will be handled internally by LIFE!

If a student chooses to go to a secondary school elsewhere, the student (between the age of 10-11 years old) and the mentor will look at the requirements of the future school. Together they will set up a plan to achieve their goal.

After School Program

Starting from the school year 2016/2017, we launched an integrated after school program for students up to 13 years old. Momentarily we’re busy with the starting process of the after-school program. More information on the after-school program will follow shortly. When the after-school program starts, this will influence both the parental contribution for students up to 13 years of age and the opening times of the school. For more information regarding this, you can contact LIFE!