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We believe that all students have the right to discover what their real talents are, and what they can contribute to creating a future that meets all needs. Our focus is on supporting students to grow into active citizens of a peaceful world.  By donating to LIFE! you contribute to making this possible.

One-time Donation

You can always make a one-time donation, there are no commitments or agreements that come with it. You can either use the donation module on the fundraising page or use the banking details below. These donations are partially tax-deductible. You can read the conditions on the Dutch tax authorities’ website.

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In the name of: Stichting Learning In a Free Environment

Periodic Donation

Periodic donations are even easier now! Since January 1st 2014 a notary is no longer needed to make a regular donation to a charity. The charity does need to have the ANBI status. A model tax agreement, easily downloadable on the Dutch tax authorities’ website, can be sufficient.

The big advantage of a regular donation to a charity with the ANBI status is that it is, unlike a normal donation to a charity, fully deductible in the income tax.

Dutch Tax Authorities

For more information about tax benefits visit:

The Learning In a Free Environment Foundation is a General Benefit Organisation (ANBI). Donating to a charity, that is considered by the Dutch tax authorities as an ANBI can be fiscally attractive. A donation can be done in various ways. Varying from a simple transfer to an official act of donation drawn up by a notary or through a will.


For more information go to our special ANBI page.