Primary Education

At LIFE! you can play, try out and take lessons like math, IT, theatre, Japanese and sexeducation. You can join projects, go on trips, build huts, explore Twiske, cook and so much more. At LIFE! you can decide what you want to learn, how you want to learn it and who you want to learn it with; you and your mentor will go through this together. At LIFE! There aren’t any classes, and your lessons will either be in small groups or alone, in one of the various rooms in the building or outside.

Primary School

Students from the age of 7 have their space that they get to furnish the way they want to. They mainly learn through discovery and games; often tents are built with all sorts of materials and objects.
The school has various rooms with big tables where lessons and activities take place, where you can work on projects, assignments or have lunch together or alone. The school also has selfstudy places where you can work quietly.

Along with their mentor, the students discuss what they want to learn like; writing, reading, painting, cooking, playing guitar, and math. Activities and lessons will be added to their personal timetable. The students can also join lessons and activities that teachers have to offer like; Geography, Spanish, theatre, Japanese, and music. Students will regularly discuss their activities and plans with their mentors. Twice a year we will plan a conversation with student, mentor, and parents where you’ll be able to discuss your goals and what activities you can undertake to reach them. Each party can share their vision on how they view the student’s LIFE! experience.

After School Program

We do not offer an after school program.