Secondary School

What do you want to learn? What do you need to achieve that?
These are key questions at LIFE! At this school you decide what you want to learn and how you’re going execute this. You can take classes like Mathematics, English, Biology and Dutch and work toward an exam. You can also join lessons, projects and activities such as creative writing, making a film, producing music, a table tennis tournament and Japanese lessons.

At LIFE! there are no mandatory subjects. Along with your mentor and parents you discuss in a triangle (Student, Mentor, Parents) what you want to learn and what you need in order to achieve it as well as in what time frame you’re planning to do it. This way you create your own dynamic individual learning path step by step, constantly sharpened or changed through dialogue.

At LIFE! the students decide what lessons they want to do. Do you want to take a class with a teacher? Then you, either alone or accompanied by your mentor, go up to the teacher and plan a lesson. This lesson will then be added to your personal timetable.

State Exams

It is possible at LIFE! to work toward getting a full diploma (VMBO T, HAVO or VWO) You take classes with teachers at LIFE!, practice with test exams and through the yearly state exams you obtain certificates that you can ultimately exchange for the diploma. You can spread your exams over a number of years and focus on one or multiple subjects per school year.

It’s also possible to do only certain exams or no exams at all and to leave school with a composite portfolio. In a triangle you discuss how you’re going to finish up your time at LIFE!

Do you want to do exams? Then you need to sign up online in December and you can take the state exam at the end of that school year. A state exam usually consists of a written exam in May/June and an oral or practical exam at the start of July/August.