Werken bij LIFE!

Staff members and teachers

At LIFE! we work with staff members and teachers. Every year we (staff and students) decide who will be part of the staff team and how their qualities can be used most effectively.Staff members are always present at school and each staff member has their own mentor students. Teachers are asked to teach small groups of students as needed. We offer a few subjects by default, other subjects can be requested by students. The number of hours you’ll be asked to work differ per teacher: it might be an afternoon every week throughout the entire school year, or it could be a few hours for a shorter period.

Part of the community

Working at LIFE! isn’t just any job. Here you are treated as part of the community, and youre truly a part of the organisation. You’ll work with the students, share your qualities and inspire each other. Through daily activities, courses and special evenings, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge on democratic education, non-violent communication and the sociocratic model. Staff members and teachers take part in the basic NVC course. The staff team also participates in an ‘emotional hygiene’ session every 3 weeks, where the events of the past weeks are discussed using the NVC method.


We’re always looking for volunteers who can enrich the team. Preferably, we have one staff member present for every 10 students to have a sufficient amount of people present who can answer students’ questions. Staff members aren’t always physically present in the shared spaces, because they’re teaching a class, for example, or because they’ve gone outside with the students. In those cases, it’s amazing to have volunteers present who can help out.

We’d also appreciate it if you wanted to work on you (garden?) project with us, make music or if there’s anything else you’d like to share!

For more information you can always reach us on the contact page!


Current openings

  • Spanish teacher
  • French teacher
  • Chemistry teacher
  • IT teacher